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What Game(s) Are You Currently Playing?
[Image: 18670824_1167716856665694_43783802556341...e=59A724A6]
World of Final Fantasy [PS4]: Beat the game & am basically going around & catching the rest of the monsters I missed.

Animal Crossing New Leaf [3DS]: Played it today & had a lot of stuff to sell. I tend to play every other day as I'm just trying to fill out my bug/fish catalog.
[Image: queen_terra_signature_by_queenzelda01-dau05ys.png]
Not playing any right now. Rather, I'm WORKING on a JRPG project. Hoping to finish the current chapter by the end of the year. The writing is really solid stuff, but this is time-consuming work.
Nothing much, Magikarp Jump on my phone once in a while. I've been too busy/tired to bother playing anything.
I played a bit of Super Castlevania IV the other day. Mostly just wanted to listen to the tunes.
Sailor Moon Drops

Sailor Moon (Super Famicon)
[Image: CaludinBanner_zpsxhjal3dx.jpg]
Played through & beat: Blossom Tales: Tale of the Sleeping King [PC].
Dragon Quest Hero's [PS4]: I'm currently trying to lvl the hero up to 40, atmo she's lvl 36. I've got 4 more lvls to go. x-x
[Image: queen_terra_signature_by_queenzelda01-dau05ys.png]
Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links

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