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What Game(s) Are You Currently Playing?
As the title implies, post about the game(s) that you're playing! I honestly haven't been doing a lot of gaming, but I do the conventional runs every now and then.
Turrican (Sega Genesis)
FlatOut (PC)
Meat Boy (Browser)
3D Dot Game Heroes (PS3)
I've been playing a lot of Torchlight lately. Can anyone recommend me a similar game? Preferably an older one, so that I can play it on my laptop (without setting it on fire).
[Image: z57e5b7e1678b9.gif]
Mostly Paradox games tbh, Crusader Kings 2 and Victoria 2.
Also a lot of Mount and Blade multiplayer.
[Image: giphy.gif]

Right now? Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (MEGA DRIVE). Good game, funny stuff.
Rollercoaster Tycoon (PC)
Well I'm in the middle of some. Was playing Lunar Eternal Blue. Hope to return to that eventually and was playing Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. Gotta return to that as well.
[Image: CaludinBanner_zpsxhjal3dx.jpg]
I'm doing a run through of several Telltale games while I try to reboot my interest in Fallout 4. I will finish Fallout 4 eventually though.
Didn't get much gaming in today, a little Team Fortress 2, and Squishy The Suicidal Pig on Steam.
I'm having an Ace Attorney marathon. I love these games more than life.
[Image: z57e5b7e1678b9.gif]

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