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Heavy Metal Gamer Show
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Sega Genesis) - Heavy Metal Gamer Show:

Going to do 4 videos this week, so I figure I would start out with content on Sunday! Today is my review of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 on the Sega Genesis. I hope you enjoy this review. Thanks for watching
Things I Hate In Gaming - Episode 1: Fanboys:

In today's video, I introduce a new series. I guess you can say this is a spin off of the HMG vlogs, where I give an thoughts of things I hate gaming. Some of these topics will be new, and some will be old topics that I share some stories that I have ran into, and so on. I hope you enjoy this episode, and thanks for watching!
Heavy Metal Gamer Ramblings - Episode 1:

If you follow me on social media. I mentioned that there was going to be 2 new series coming to the channel. The first one you seen on Tuesday which was "Things I Hate In Gaming". This here is another one, now Heavy Metal Gamer Ramblings won't just be about gaming. Granted I will throw random gaming footage in the background, but it the video itself will be a variety of topics, ranging from video games, metal, Sports, and whatever I feel like talking about. The only things I will more then likely not talk about is religion and politics, unless it has something to do with gaming or metal. I hope you enjoy this new series. Thanks for watching.
Heavy Metal Gamer Plays: The Binding Of Isaac - Rebirth - Episode 2:

To end out this week of 4 videos. I decided to bring it down a bit for some mindless, ridiculous, and even crude fun with episode 2 of the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth let's play. Like the first episode, this is just me fucking around, trying to beat the game. As there is so much content in this game, doing a complete walkthrough probably would take forever, so I figure I would just do episodes like. I hope you enjoy this video, thanks for watching, and I hope you have a kick ass weekend.
SUPERHOT Review - Heavy Metal Gamer Show:

Some of you might be wondering where the video I released earlier went. Well I deleted it. I explain that at the beginning of this video, I am sure you will understand. So to replace it, I am uploading a review of SUPERHOT, an interesting indie first person shooter. I hope you enjoy this review, thanks for watching
Heavy Metal Gamer Video Blog: Indie Games/Retro Style Graphics:

To end out the week, I decided I will do a video blog on a interesting little topic, and that is Indie Games and the use of Retro style graphics used to make indie games. Next week I will be heading out of town for three days, so there will only be 2 videos next week. Monday and Wednesday. I hope you enjoy this new video. Thanks for watching!
Heavy Metal Gamer Plays: Fidget Spinner - Episode 1:

Well, we have reached the end of humanity. There is not a fidget spinner game on the Android phone devices. It's free to play, so here is the first episode of HMG Plays: Fidget Spinner...yeah, I should just die now.
Heavy Metal Gamer Ramblings - Episode 2:

A brand new Heavy Metal Gamer Ramblings, and this time I talk about the Rockstar/Take-Two Interactive controversy with mods and the whole OpenIV mod tool being shut down, etc. Some might agree, many might disagree, but these are my thoughts on this whole subject. I hope you enjoy, thank you for watching, and there will be a new review sometime next week!

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